2015 Arizona AFP Statewide Conference

Getting Personal with Your Database

Diana Hoyt

This workshop provides concrete ideas to obtain the best “return on your investment” by maximizing the use of your database to raise money. Building relationships is essential to any successful fundraising program.  Workshop participants will discuss the key elements to make a database a powerful tool for relational fundraising rather than transactional fundraising.


  • MatchMaker is complete

    See all fundraising efforts in one place.  No need to buy additional modules as you expand your fundraising program.

  • MatchMaker is flexible

    Installed or Online: Two different deployments, one great application. Choose the platform that best matches
    your organization.

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MatchMaker FundRaising Software is uniquely designed for small to medium size organizations. Supplying all the tools to manage a comprehensive fundraising program, MatchMaker frees up more time for you to cultivate donor relationships and maximize your fundraising efforts. This full featured software application enables the nonprofit organization to track all gift types, including annual gifts, memorial contributions, corporate matching gifts, online gifts and pledges.

A significant aspect of MatchMaker FundRaising Software is the ability to maintain a vast array of user defined values that are assigned to sources, attributes, gift and pledge transactions, tributes, relationships, memberships, volunteers, and event management. These values are written in English so you do not have to memorize cryptic codes. All values are available for queries and reports.

Software features designed to enhance your capacity for fundraising

Contact Management

Manage individuals, corporations, foundations, civic organizations, and more entities that support your organization’s mission.

Donation Processing

Process and manage gifts, pledges, pledge payments, in-kind gifts, events, membership and online transactions with ease.

Fundraising Management

Manage all aspects of a fundraising program including; donor cultivation, grant tracking, campaign management and more.

Event Management

MatchMaker FundRaising Software’s event management feature is designed to help you manage all aspects of an event.

Volunteer Tracking

MatchMaker FundRaising Software’s volunteer tracking section is designed to track all activities and interests of your volunteer corps.

Membership Management

Maintain and manage your benefit or supporting membership program and accurately track all membership categories and benefits.

Analyzing and Reporting

From the simple to the complex, the data you have so carefully secured, entered, and maintained can be quickly made available.

Database Automation

Assign workflow procedures that MatchMaker will carry out automatically when certain predefined conditions are met.

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